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It may not look beautiful, but this cream is packed with an abundance of boreal botanicals and some of the finest the forest has to offer. It's no wonder this product has developed a faithful following and regularly sells out! Botanik is the German translation of 'botany', and I used this expertise to combine numerous amazing forest plants into this wonderful rich cream. Specifically formulated to relieve redness and itching due to chronic or extreme skin dryness, and to benefit skin suffering from symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Wild sarsaparilla root targets discomfort and itching of the skin, while plantain, Labrador tea and alder help soothe and promote natural healing and regeneration. Juniper, Scandinavian-sourced boreal pine tar (therapeutic medical grade) and activated coconut shell charcoal provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits that work to reduce redness, soothe and protect dry skin. Organic avocado, sweet almond and oat oils + shea butter are high in supportive essential fatty acids and vitamins to moisturize, strengthen, protect, and repair dry flaky skin. 

60 mL reusable/recyclable cobalt glass jar - $40

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