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I created the special label editions of this balm in order to give back to important local organizations that do amazing work for animals in need.

30% of proceeds from the sales of this balm will go to these organizations -
$235.00 donated to date

FLIN FLON MANITOBA Uptown Emporium sales - Flin Flon / Creighton and area SPCA​
REGINA SASKATCHEWAN direct sales - Bright Eyes Dog Rescue
Thank you for supporting local!

Dry indoor air and outdoor adventures can cause cracks in the skin on your pup’s paws and nose. Wildcrafted raspberry leaves, plantain and dandelion combine with organic shea butter + avocado, coconut and jojoba oils for a deeply moisturizing and lick-safe balm. All ingredients were carefully selected to provide antioxidants and skin restoration and healing benefits while being non-toxic to dogs, in case of ingestion. Also makes a pretty incredible general skin balm for humans.

75 mL (2.5 oz) biodegradable zero-waste paper tube (natural or black kraft paper) - $28

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