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Looking for an ultra lightweight moisturizer without the feel of a lotion or cream? This unique hybrid water/oil facial serum milk delivers hydration and moisturizing protection all in one, with beneficial actives to support skin renewal and balanced oil production for clear radiant skin. Organic aloe vera juice is a powerful natural humectant, meaning it attracts water to the skin’s surface and holds it there to plump skin and prevent moisture loss throughout the day. Rich organic argan oil is highly absorptive and known for its ability to regulate natural oil production, making it an excellent facial oil for acne-prone skin and all skin types. Quinoa protein is rich in Vitamin E to combat free radical damage from sun exposure, as well as providing other vitamins and nutrients to strengthen skin and support improved elasticity.


Extract of willow bark is a remarkable natural ingredient containing salicin (similar to salicylic acid) which exfoliates and increases cell turnover, reduces redness and combats acne and inflammation, decreases the signs of aging and fine lines as well as refining pores. Unlike harsh retinols, willow bark can be safely applied to sensitive skin daily with no irritation, peeling or drying. Finally, wildcrafted blueberry extract is combined with a cosmetic standardized wild blueberry extract guaranteed to contain a minimum of 7.3% anthocyanins - these are compounds that occur naturally in a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables and are known to be potent antioxidants. The cosmetic benefits of anthocyanins are reduced appearance of skin damage caused by oxidative stress and improved elasticity and resiliency. These extracts also provide natural color and a fresh light aroma.

60 ml reusable/recyclable frosted glass bottle - $46

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