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Reminiscent of classic wet shave soaps, this rustic and all-natural hot processed botanical soap is poured directly into a heavy wide mouth glass jar, that provides free space to properly load your brush without making a mess! This soap creates dense and lasting foam while providing exceptional razor slip, for a close shave that is gentle on sensitive skin with no synthetic ingredients, essential oils or fragrance. Wildcrafted alder, juniper berry and balsam fir botanicals lend a subtle scent and skin soothing properties to organic oils and butters that prep and protect your face (or body) to reduce redness and razor burn. Follow-up with Wekusko Wild Goose Bay grooming oIl for a soothing and moisturized finish that will last all day. 

*A note on lye and appearance: this shave soap is a traditional hot process soap that uses two types of lye to react with (saponify) plant-based oils, butters and fats in the creation of soap. While they are noted in the ingredients, no lye remains after the soap has been packaged and cured. You will also note variations in color and patterns in this soap - this is because each soap batch is unique depending on processing temperature and curing. Enjoy your shave!

130 g reusable/recyclable clear glass jar - $34

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