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Looking for a complete skincare set that’s easy on your skin and the environment? It’s here!

The backcountry kit was created for those of us who love to travel – to the backcountry and beyond. Carefully formulated with natural biodegradable ingredients and boreal botanicals, these products are safe for sensitive skin and will leave no impact on the environment, whether you’re camping, glamping or touring overseas. Solid skincare means you can breeze through airport screening with your carry on, and prolong the life of your skincare by ditching the water and liquids. No leaks or messy surprises when you open your bag after a long day of travel.

Sensitive to scent or camping in bear country? We've got you! This kit is fragrance-free and does not contain any essential oils or fragrance oils. The lip balm and deodorant have a faint natural aroma that's lovely, but not lingering. 

Travelling or camping in winter? No problem! Unlike their water-based counterparts, these products remain functional in sub-zero temperatures. They won't freeze and crack their containers, and they will be ready when you need them.

Each product is designed to gently nourish and protect your skin, while also serving double duty (or more) – for example, use the facial balm to replenish dry skin on body, deodorant to tame hiking foot odour, lip balm to soothe cuts and abrasions, and hair & body bar to wash that last pair of socks. All packaging is plastic free and zero-waste (recyclable or reusable), and labels are made with plant-based inks and an innovative recycled PVC-free material that is durable but won’t interfere with recycling methods. Products are also gender neutral so this kit is perfect for anyone!


Please note: the products in the backcountry kit are not sold individually as part of the Wekusko Wild skincare line – you can only get them in the kit.



  • black spruce hair & body bar 50 g in metal tin

  • cranberry cleansing grains 60 g in metal bottle

  • rosehip facial balm 34 g in paper tube

  • juniper berry deodorant 32 g in metal tin

  • balsam fir lip balm 7 g in paper tube

  • 1 natural sustainably sourced loofah scrub pad (for deep cleaning or as a soap saver in the tin)

  • 1 natural unbleached cotton face & body cloth (made in Canada by Cheeks Ahoy)

183 g of product in zero-waste packaging, enclosed in a recycled cardboard box - $110

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