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Here's an effective and natural boreal alternative that is vegan-friendly, unscented, preservative free and does NOT contain any commercial essential oils! This balm is specifically crafted for all of your forgotten nether areas (and beyond), that can create significant discomfort when they are ignored. Barrier balms create a physical barrier on the skin to lock in the good moisture, nourish skin and support healing, while keeping out bad moisture and external irritants. The majority of commercial barrier creams and balms contain petroleum, mineral oil or silicone including other synthetic ingredients you just don't want on your skin.

Let's get real - friction, sweat and bio-fluids (in the case of babies or adult incontinence), and resulting bacteria and pH changes can quickly degrade your skin's natural barrier resulting in dermatitis, rashes, itchiness, chafing and in some cases sores or infections that require prescription or medical treatment. Prevention is key, and this boreal barrier balm is here to deeply replenish and protect your skin's moisture barrier while preventing damage and discomfort.

Wildcrafted plantain, yarrow and birch bring calming and soothing benefits as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Zinc oxide, arrowroot, and bentonite clay assist in creating a physical barrier and also provide restorative and calming benefits, while drawing excess moisture and impurities out of the top layers of skin. Organic castor, coconut, and grapeseed oils + shea and cocoa butters all act to deeply moisturize and provide vitamins and essential fatty acids to compromised skin, while vegan rice bran wax reduces moisture loss. 


60 mL reusable/recyclable metal tin - $24

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