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An official BEST SELLER! This powerful antioxidant, probiotic and nutrient-rich hydrating cream is boreal magic for delicate skin around the eyes. Rosehips are high in vitamins A and C, both of which boost cell turnover and regeneration which can brighten skin, tone and refresh. Vitamin A is the natural form of retinol, which over time can reduce signs of skin aging by smoothing fine lines and firming skin. Yarrow, plantain, and mint combine to reduce redness, inflammation and puffiness, while horsetail provides essential natural silica which promotes collagen production to strengthen and firm skin. Naturally bio-fermented bamboo delivers amino acids and additional silica for healthy skin plus lactobacillus probiotic to nourish your skin's biome and barrier while reducing inflammation and stabilizing sensitive skin. Organic jojoba and sweet almond oils + shea butter provide essential fatty acids and nutrients to moisturize, support and replenish.

30 mL reusable/recyclable milk glass jar - $28

Permission to use the beautiful watercolor rosehip image on this product label was provided by the artist, Antonia Evrova Verbrugge of Verbrugge Watercolor in Utrecht Netherlands. Verbrugge Watercolor retains all ownership of this image, and it is not to be reproduced or used in any way without permission. 

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