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This water-based facial cleansing cream is vegan-friendly, pH balanced and gentle on sensitive skin while effectively removing dirt, makeup and excess oils. The light lather and foaming action is created with all-natural and biodegradable ECOCERT-approved cleansing agents made from apple juice, corn and coconut - no harsh synthetic soaps or detergents here! Aloe vera juice soothes and moisturizes while natural fermented cranberry enzymes safely exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, deep cleanse pores, and provide benefits to all skin types but particularly oily or acne-prone. Grapeseed oil and natural fatty acid ingredients replenish moisture and soften skin. Wildcrafted cranberries (lingonberries up here in the boreal) combine with cosmetic standardized cranberry extract containing anthocyanins - these are compounds that occur naturally in a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables and are known to be potent antioxidants. The cosmetic benefits of anthocyanins are reduced appearance of skin damage caused by oxidative stress and improved elasticity and resiliency. These extracts also provide all-natural color and a fresh light aroma. 

120 ml reusable/recyclable frosted glass bottle - $38

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