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A bare-naked plant based natural alternative to petroleum and paraffin jelly. Contains simple, natural and gentle organic ingredients without synthetics, added color, fragrance or preservative. Use this vegan jelly in place of products like Vaseline, Aquaphor or Bio-Oil (registered trademarks). This beautifully simple jelly has a divine texture and smooths on skin without leaving a sticky or heavy feel. A balance of faster (grapeseed) and slower (Canadian hemp seed and castor seed) absorbing oils deliver both immediate relief and lasting protection, while adding a soft moisture-trapping barrier to the skin with Japanese berry wax and bran wax (gluten free).  All ingredients are non-comedogenic, so they won’t cause breakouts or clogged pores. Selected oils are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so this jelly is an option for those with very reactive or acne-prone skin.
Please note: unlike the Grass River facial oil which absorbs quickly and fully, this jelly has a similar texture to its petroleum counterparts (think thick & shiny).

60 mL reusable/recyclable glass jar - $26

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