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Awaken your skin with aromatic boreal extracts of fresh black spruce and balsam fir. Oil cleansing is widely recognized as an extremely effective way to deep cleanse skin without stripping its moisture and damaging the fragile protective barrier it provides. Traditional soaps and detergent-based facial cleansers often use harsh ingredients that remove everything including natural oils, and this can lead to extremes of either dry skin or excessive oil production as a way to compensate for what is being lost. 


This unique soap-free oil cleansing balm is made with skin-friendly oils and fatty acids, that magically blend with water to create a luxurious cream lather that dissolves dirt, makeup, sunscreen and excess oils leaving deeply cleansed skin that doesn't feel tight or dry.


Natural French green clay draws out impurities and balances oil levels, while wildcrafted black spruce and balsam fir contribute their natural boreal aroma, antiseptic, pore tightening, and toning benefits.


120 mL (4 oz) reusable/recyclable metal tin - $38

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